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Invierten más de 18 millones de pesos en rastro y planta procesadora de alimentos para cerdo

More than $18million pesos are invested slaughterhouses & food processing plants

Under the bipartite resource assistance plan, the slaughterhouse will have the capacity to slaughter 150 pigs daily

Crece 58 superávit agroalimentario de México con Estados Unidos

Mexico’s agro-food surplus with the United States grows 58%

The principal agro-food products exported by Mexico to the USA were fruits, vegetables, beverages, vinegars,sugars, sweets, among others

Aumentan exportaciones agropecuarias 15 por ciento en enero

Agricultural exports increased 15 percent in January

According to INEGI, sales of agricultural goods totaled 232 million dollars

Inauguran Rastro TIF 388 en Tamuin San Luis Potosi

Trail TIF 388 is Inaugurated in Tamuín, San Luis Potosí

It has the capacity to process up to two thousand 400 cattle per day; will generate one thousand 400 direct jobs


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