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Information for Travelers



The importation of live animals, products and by products of animal, vegetable, fishing and aquiculture origin, can introduce pests and diseases that are not currently present in the region and provoke production and economic losses, and limit the exportation of our products abroad.



In order to avoid this, SAGARPA-SENASICA personnel are vigilant and carry out inspections at maritime ports, borders, international airports and crossing points throughout the country, supported by dogs that are trained to detect any organic product that may represent a health or safety risk.  Their offices located at each one of these inspection points are called OISA’s or Offices of Agricultural Health Inspection.


Before traveling to Mexico, it is very important that you are familiar with the requirements the government has established for introducing live animals or products and by products of animal, plant, fishing and aquiculture origin which can be found on the navigation bar to the right (NAVEGACION), or at the Modulos de Consulta located on the Home page of the site in the section called Tramites y Servicios.


If upon your arrival to Mexico you DECLARE that you have an agricultural or food product in your baggage (purse, suitcases, bags, backpacks, etc), a SENASICA-SAGARPA official will evaluate the health condition of the item and determine if an import process is required, or if it must be retained and destroyed in accordance with government ordinance.


Avoid delays and help keep Mexico safe!



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July 27, 2015

Inspection processes for agro-food products are modernized

The SENASICA performed the first inspection (pilot testing) of agro-food productsof low risk and high volume in the Pantaco customs, located in Mexico City; by its nature, this type of supervision can be made in terminals and is helps venting work at entry points located on the northern border of the country.

July 13, 2015

SENASICA asks for travelers to inform themselves about the entry of agro-food products to Mexico

For people traveling with pets (dogs and cats) they are asked to bring all health documentation, such as: health certificates, valid rabies vaccinations and worming records, among others.

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